I’m Rafał Witek (born 1971), a Polish author of novels, short stories, poems and radio-plays for children.

I have published 30 books so far , some of which were nominated for or awarded literary prizes:
  • 2004 Grand Prix for "Plaża tajemnic" at Best Children’s Novel Contest by Znak;
  • 2007 Second Prize for "Cudnie paskudnie" at Best Teenagers Novel Contest by Telbit;
  • 2009 nomination for "Julka Kulka, Fioletka i ja" for Book of the Year by IBBY Poland;
  • 2013 Second Prize for "Klub latających ciotek" at Best Children’s Novel Contest by ABCXXI;
  • 2015 Kornel Makuszyński Prize for "Zgniłobrody i luneta przeznaczenia".
  • 2017 nomination for Kornel Makuszyński Prize for "Chłopiec z Lampedusy"
  • 2017 Leopold Staff Prize for "Chłopiec z Lampedusy"

In 1997 I was awarded a UNESCO-Aschberg scholarship for young writers (New Delhi, India). In 1998 I undertook a writers residency at Hawthornden Castle (Scotland) founded by the Drue Heinz Foundation. In 2010, my novel "Julka Kulka, Fioletka i ja" was published in South Korea. My selected works have also been translated into Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian and English.

I publish via Egmont Poland, Literatura, Nasza Księgarnia, BIS and the “Świerszczyk” magazine. I live and work in Warsaw.

This blog contains a selection of my rhymes for children (the old, the new and the all-time favorites), a brief descriptions of my books, and a summary of the readings I do at children’s libraries. 

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